Top Ten Tuesday

Top 10 Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

What makes me pick up a book?

The short version of the answer is: reading is what saves me from the otherwise cataclysmic experience of being a human being, and it’s also a perfect way to distort reality into some sort of meaningful event despite the holographic realm which we occupy rendering all of our choices meaningless.

This is the longer version:

➽ Diversity/Inclusiveness

The joy of reading a book and seeing yourself reflected on the page is inarticulate. I can never describe the blaze of connection and the feeling of being seen and reached for and set apart that plants so many seeds of gratitude that would come to flower. I am really thankful for authors and publishers and readers who enhance voices of marginalized communities. So when I learn about a book that gives me and my community a chance to finally star, it immediately leaps to my claim a spot on my “need-to-read” list!

➽ Strong Female Characters With Agency

It’s no secret–as the sun is no secret–that I can’t help but hold stories centered around women and women’s relationships to each other in higher regard. As I’ve said once, I’m a heroine addict. I need leading leads in books in order to survive!

➽ Pretty Cover

Me: *buys a book because it has a pretty cover*

Me @ me: wow! I am so materialistic. This needs to stop. The mission for 2019 is to free myself from earthly desires and transcend the temptation to buy usually expensive books for no other reason than they would look good on my shelves.

Me: *buys another book because it has a pretty cover*

➽ The Hype

So, quick question for you guys: how the HELL am I expected to focus on school and a career and establishing a stable life for myself when everyone continuously hypes up so many books and then I have to read them all because I’m not strong enough to resist the temptation? I NEED AN ANSWER.

➽ A New Release From A favorite Author

I think we all have a group of favorite authors that are the equivalent of King Arthur’s Round Table and when one of them publishes a new book, your top priority–second only to enduring this mortal coil–is to READ THAT BOOK.

➽ Recommendation From a Friend

Collect me if I’m being too maudlin, but I feel so grateful to be part of a community where everyone is always willing to thrust a book into my hands and say, “just trust me.”

➽ A Good Villain/Anti-Hero

Someone: there’s a really good villain in this book!

Me, immediately: liked, subscribed and faved.

➽ Enemies-to-lovers Romance

I can’t prove this with science but sometimes, picking up a book because it features a high quality enemies-to-lovers romance is radical self care.

➽ “It’s messed up.”

Say no more and sign me the fuck up!

➽  Book slumps

This might sound paradoxical, but hear me out. A book slump for me is not exactly a period of time in which I don’t read any book at all. It’s when I go through that occasional phase where trashy, borderline problematic, I-will-definitely-hate-this-but-I-don’t-want-to-read-anything-else romance stories are the most engrossing fucking works of literature on the planet and I have to restrain myself from reading ten of them in five days. Love is overrated until I’m in a book slump, gorging myself on every clichéd romance I get my hands on and missing that one person I made brief eye contact with on a train three years ago.

And that’s it! I feel like this post was a massive personal call out but….it’s a pretty fun one to write! Thank you for reading! I’m curious to know what draws YOU into picking up a book?

love chaima


7 thoughts on “Top 10 Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

  1. HAHA Love this post! I read because it helps my anxiety, alleviates my insomnia. It takes me out of the worries of this world and into wonderful place that stretch my mind. And…pretty covers of course LMAO


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