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10 August Book Releases For Your TBR

Hello, friends!

I can’t believe it’s August already. It feels like January was four years ago, June lasted a week and July has completely disengaged from linear time. I basically only know what day of the week it is because of highly-anticipated, buzzy book releases.

Here are the ones coming out this month that I’m really looking forward to. Read on! I hope this list introduced you to a new favorite!

The Whisper Man by Alex North

Release date: August 20th

The Whisper Man

This is a thriller about a father and son who seek a fresh start in a new town, most known by The Whisper Man, a serial killer who lures people from their homes by whispering at their windows. It sounds pretty unnerving; I can’t wait!

The Warehouse by Rob Hart

Release date: August 20th

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This sci-fi slash thriller imagines an uncomfortably too-plausible future in which a mega-corporation controls people’s lives instead of a fascist government….*Jeff Bezos enters the chat*

The Dragon Republic (The Poppy War #2) by R.F. Kuang

Release date: August 6th


MY MOST ANTICIPATED SEQUEL OF THE YEAR…and it did not disappoint! The Dragon Republic should doubtless prove to be a sizzling success, and I can’t wait for everyone to read it!

Life and Other Inconveniences by Kristan Higgins

Release date: August 6th


The story follows a woman who gets invited  to spend the summer with her rich, estranged grandmother who kicked her out when she got pregnant. I love books about estranged families and this one received a lot of positive reviews. Also, the title is perfect for my autobiography and the dog is hella CUTE.

House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig

Release date: August 6th


This is a retelling of “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” that I’m so excited for. I’ve seen a lot of my friends on Goodreads read and love it, so I’m hyped!

The Downstairs Girl by Stacey Lee

Release date: August 13th


Reasons to live:

1. This historical fiction about a badass girl journalist who, by day, works as maid for the daughter of the wealthiest man in town, and by night, secretly turns over ideas about race and gender for a newspaper advice column

Swipe Right for Murder by Derek Milman

Release date: August 6th


“On the run from the FBI.
Targeted by a murderous cult.
Labeled a cyber-terrorist by the media.
Irritated texts from his best friend.
Eye contact with a nice-looking guy on the train.
Aidan has a lot to deal with, and he’s not quite sure which takes top priority.”

This sounds gay and exceedingly messed up…so pretty firmly inside my circle of interests!

Ziggy, Stardust and Me by James Brandon

Release date: August 6th

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You can’t cure sadness by adding more queer historical fiction to your TBR but it sure is a nice thing to do while suffering!

The Revolution of Birdie Randolph by Brandy Colbert

& Color Me In by Natasha Diaz

Release date: August 20th

38097294 35442710. sy475

I found these two books on my TBR and I have no recollection of adding them but looking at the (GORGEOUS) covers, it all makes sense now….

And voilà! What are some of YOUR most anticipated book releases? Tell me all about it!

love chaima

7 thoughts on “10 August Book Releases For Your TBR

  1. Nice list, Chaima, thanks for sharing! I really need to read The Poppy War already… My most anticipated read of August is Sapphire Flames by Ilona Andrews, the fourth book in the incredible Hidden Legacy series.


  2. I seriously need to read The Poppy War!! People gush and rave about it; and now the sequel Dragon Republic is getting just as much buzz and positive feedback — it’s definitely a sign for me to pick the series up. The Warehouse sounds too selfaware for it’s own sake omg society feels called out for sure. also, twelve dancing princesses retelling?? sign me up


  3. I’m looking forward to house of salt and sorrows! Also the dragon Republic (but haven’t read book one yet..)
    But I’m mostly looking forward to all the bad apples!!



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