Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors

Book by a favorite author: *has no title, no synopsis, no cover, no release date*

Me, immediately:

I feel like we all have that small group of favorite authors who are the equivalent of King Arthur’s Round Table and whenever they release a new book, it becomes an absolute priority to read it. I have so many authors on my Auto-Buy list (mostly because I never really need a reason to buy books), so it was excrutiating to limit this list to ten authors but I did! (mostly)

So without further ado, here are my Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors! Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors”

Top Ten Tuesday

Top 10 Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

What makes me pick up a book?

The short version of the answer is: reading is what saves me from the otherwise cataclysmic experience of being a human being, and it’s also a perfect way to distort reality into some sort of meaningful event despite the holographic realm which we occupy rendering all of our choices meaningless.

This is the longer version: Continue reading “Top 10 Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book”

Top Ten Tuesday

The Ten Most Recent Additions to My To-Read List

I have a serious condition that’s making me incapable of not adding books to my TBR (self-diagnosed).

When I die and my life flashes before my eyes, 30% of it will just be a sad montage of me mindlessly clicking the “Want to Read” button on Goodreads because the cover was either pretty, a friend posted a vaguely favorable status about it, or it was an unconscious decision since at this point, I keep finding books on my TBR that I have absolutely no recollection of adding. It’s fucking nuts.

Anyway, without further ado here are the most recent additions to my To-Read list! Continue reading “The Ten Most Recent Additions to My To-Read List”

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Books I Meant to Read In 2018 but Didn’t Get To

No offense but some of us *looks pointedly at myself in mirror* really need to catch up on their TBR list instead of adding more books to it.

On the bright side, however, I’m probably going to die alone and miserable but at least I’ll find peace knowing that I will never run out of books to read!

So, here are the top ten books I *totally* planned on reading last year but that didn’t work out because [John Mulaney’s voice] you know, life? Continue reading “Top Ten Books I Meant to Read In 2018 but Didn’t Get To”

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Platonic Relationships in Books

The idea of platonic soulmates is so fucking amazing. Imagine finding someone who you feel  complete and in peace with without having to worry about losing them to messy romance. That is a warm luxury everyone deserves.

It’s really strange and sad that the only stories that seem worth reading or telling are stories about sexual romantic love. There’s this misconception that romantic love is the end goal of all forms of love. Every friend is a potential suitor instead of being friends….for the sake of friendship. And that isn’t true. The love one shares with a friend isn’t less valid, less real or less powerful than the love shared with a romantic partner. Platonic love isn’t a runner up to romantic love.

And that’s why I’m so grateful for books which let platonic love take the front seat for a change. So, without further ado, here are my top 10 platonic soulmates Continue reading “Top Ten Platonic Relationships in Books”

Top Ten Tuesday

Ten Most Anticipated 2019 Releases

What I should be worrying about: how am I going to pay for college??

What I’m actually worrying about: how the hell am I going to pay for all these 2019 releases????

So many incredible books are coming out this year and limiting this list to only 10 of them was the most stressful experience I’ve ever been made to endure. I’m pretty sure the number of books I’ve failed to feature on this list will be weighed against my soul on judgment day, and I will be cast into hell. But hey, I managed!

Now without further ado, here are my most anticipated released of 2019! Continue reading “Ten Most Anticipated 2019 Releases”